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Original Maker Station layout circa 2014

Check out info on some of our projects from the past, present, and future.

Covid-19 Resistance Project

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Atlanta Beats Covid is a collaboration of community leaders and makers from across Georgia including Decatur Makers, Marietta Maker Station, Roswell FireLabs, Geekspace Gwinnett, and Southeast Makers Alliance, and includes makers from across Georgia. The group is partnering with other organizations, such as Sew Masks for Atlanta Hospitals, Atlanta Face Shields and Roadie. Decatur Makers is serving as the fiscal sponsor, collecting tax-deductible donations to support the effort.

More than 200 volunteers are working on face shields, N95-style masks, intubation enclosures, gowns, and surgical caps. Other volunteers are verifying needs and delivering to the local medical community.With an emphasis on well-engineered products that achieve the highest standards, Atlanta Beats Covid aims to open-source their findings and designs for the world to share.

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Current Station Projects

Future/Potential Projects

  • gMax Pro 2 integration and setup - Summer 2023
  • Droidforge (CR-10 S5) upgrades - Summer 2023
  • Fresnel Lens Solar Oven
  • Standing Metal Forge
  • Bret's Coffee Table
  • Ryan's Kitchen Island
  • Portable Planetarium
  • Welding Table with wheels
  • Front Foyer Coffee Lounge
  • Tellus Science Museum - 2018
  • Atlanta Maker Faire - 10/27/2018
  • DragonCon - 8/30/2018
  • Beltline Lantern Parade - 9/22/2018

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Completed Projects