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General Info

Planning for a Jurassic Park moxie theme

Build Notes



ordered a pair of the steering spindles with a 5/8" bore ($30), Two 24V 500watt motors w/ two 24V 500watt motor controllers ($65 each; $130 total), two 12V 35Amp-hour deep cycle batteries ($63.50 each; $127 total).

13" pneumatic wheels from Tractor Supply. I think they might be a little bit beefier than the harbor freight tires (which I only hear bad things about on karts). The 13" wheels are on sale for $10 each right now. Adding sprockets and double flange hubs, would add something like $26 per drive wheel.

For the throttle, I'm thinking about mounting a thumb throttle on the steering wheel somehow, or trying to reuse the existing pedal throttle (not sure if that would work though). I've seen thumb throttles for as low as $10 on ebay. The spreadsheet below has a thumb and pedal throttle listed because I'm not sure which direction to go in for that yet. Brakes will probably be either a band brake or some kind of hacked up disc brake actuated by either a bike brake lever on the steering wheel or a pedal lever...not sure about any of the brake details yet. I'm wondering if we can use a bike caliper or disc brake and have it grab the drive wheel sprockets...using them as a brake rotor.

I've linked a spreadsheet where I'm looking at costs that affect the budget. After the wheels, I think all the high-dollar budget items will be done. There are still many little things we will need, but most either won't be all that expensive or it won't count against our budget. The spreadsheet right now is counting 14 ft of steel tubing at $4/foot...not sure if that is accurate or not though. I'm not going to stress too much over the cost of the frame materials.