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The following items are things the space would love to have. Do you have one? Do you know where we can get one as a donation or deep discount? Let us know!

Items Needed/Wanted

  • MIG Welder - as an upgrade to our current cheapo flux-core wire feed welder
  • Security Cameras for a safety & security monitoring system, we already have the DVR system just need the cameras
  • Programmable thermostats we need to get with the times, our electric bill in August was huge, AC left on for extended periods
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Gotten Items - Thanks!

  • Brake - Bending Brake - We need a brake to be able to bend sheet metal to make boxes and enclosures
  • Shop Fan - We need a decent size fan to move air in the shop area. It can get a bit toasty working back there.
  • Vacuum Cleaner - We need a better vacuum to keep the space clean.