20171015 BOD Notes

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  • Joshua
  • Chris
  • Tanju


Planning Agenda

  • No agenda planned


Financial update:

  • Current balance ~$3k with a monthly surplus of $400
  • Current monthly rent $1140/mo
    • Starting Dumpster Rental Cost is $70/mo plus delivery fee $100 + other admin fees. We have paid a $198 to get the ball rolling. Service is twice per month
  • We are now in our final year of 3 year lease.
    • Tanju sent a quick note to landlord expressing interest in renewing lease
    • Landlord replied with couple of options: all leases are 3 year lease. Potential larger space available at Pickens Industrial Drive: Base Rent: ~$1,800/ Mo. plus Common Area Maintenance: $100/ Mo. plus utilies
    • We need to explore our options, definitely interested in expanding. Tanju will reach out to schedule a tour of the other facility
  • Previous decisionabout buying an additional 3d printer for the space, we are holding off at the moment
    • Brett saying that he is donating a new Prusa I3 clone with upgraded bed
    • Need to find out if has auto-leveling. Consensus that a community printer needs to have auto-leveling capability.

Membership discussion:

  • 44 members through Sept. Every month has couple of turn-overs
  • Members asking for makerspace clean up
  • Couple of complaints about wasps. We are monitoring the situation and assess during cleanout

Upcoming Events:

  • MakerFaire: moved into City of Atlanta, Sunday only Oct 22
    • Saturday is Maker Organizers Summit at Make Edu event, Tanju participating
    • Sunday is Maker Faire: Tanju leading setting up a booth. Several members volunteering to help out. Taking flyers, desktop CNC, RetroPie Barcade, Mike Ross bringing his DeltaBot printer
  • Makerspace Build Out for Oct 28

Maintenance discussion:

  • Dumpster Rental finally happening. Scheduled for delivery Oct 16th. Twice a month pickup.
  • Makerspace build-out meetup scheduled for Sat Oct 28. General cleanup is long overdue
  • Ceiling Light in the back shop is still out. Need to figure out a way to get a ladder tall enough to reach or rent one. Ask members if anyone has a ladder to be able to replace bulbs safely