20170521 BOD Notes

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May's Board of Director's meeting scheduled for Sunday May 21 was postponed to Monday May 22 and held via conference call/google-hangout


  • Jay
  • Joshua
  • Chris
  • Tanju


Planning Agenda

  • Review Last Month's notes
  • Maintenance Review
    • Front door lock box code revised. RFID cards. Security Cameras
    • 3D printers
    • Light in back shop still out.
    • General Space clean up
    • Oil Rags and turpentine
  • Treasurer Update
  • Membership Update and Report
    • Volunteer rules
    • Received a request for Sister Makerspace Discount reciprocation/dual memberships
  • Ikea grant request. We need to finish what Alan started for us
  • Upcoming Events
    • HAM Radio Fest coming up
    • MakerFaire
    • Other Events?


Maintenance discussion:

  • Security Cameras installed. Chris suggesting building out a lockable cabinet for the security camera dvr and RFID camera. Making it an organizational space. Board approves Chris buying an Ikea cabinet and taking the lead on it.
    • the DVR system is an 8 camera system, 7 are currently installed. One pending. TJ to follow up with Steve to finalize the location
  • Light in back shop still out. Chuck Kenny had mentioned volunteering to do it, but hasn't done it yet. Joshua also volunteering to do it if we can get a ladder. Need to check with Shaheen maintenance to see if they have a cherry picker.
  • Paper towel dispensers to address the recent oil rags issues. Chris has order two paper towel dispensers: one for bathroom and one for the back

Membership discussion:

  • Currently have right about 40 members
  • Sister makerspace discount is still pending. Jay will look at getting the discount added to gumroad payment processor
  • Joshua has issued all of the current RFID cards
  • Need to update the welcome letter from gumroad removing the lockbox notes and instructing member to join Slack and request an RFID card

Financial update:

  • As of Apr 30, we're currently in good shape with a small(~$300) monthly surplus and a rainy day fund in the bank. We are good to spend some funds on the cameras and getting more organization fixtures in

Upcoming Events:

  • HAM Radio Fest - June 3rd. TJ will likely set up a small table. Previous participation two years ago was ok, but didn't seem to generate any new members out of if. TJ to follow up Alan.
  • DragonCon - hoping to have same involvement as last year
  • MakerFaire... no further updates heard yet. No word on powerwheels race status