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The materials below are available for anyone to use to make personal protective equipment for healthcare workers directly treating patients.

Link Description Inputs Needed Difficulty Level
Ear Relief Band Protect providers' ears during prolonged N95/cloth mask/surgical mask use CNC router, laser cutter, or 3d printer Easy
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This is the beginning of an attempt to more formally document the efforts of "Atlanta Beats Covid Org". The situation is very fluid and changing rapidly. Social media has exploded with activity and information from people all over the world exploring ways to help.

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Template for new pages

When creating a new page, please try to include the below information on your page to facilitate ease of use:

Item Categories

  • N95 masks
  • Face shields
  • Medical gowns
  • Sewn masks
  • Intubation enclosures

Structure for Each Category

  • Item overview (relative need for item, use cases for item, requirements for item (e.g., medical gowns should be reusable, washable))
  • List of item versions (brief summary for each version - what makes each version different?)

Structure for Each Item Version

  • Version overview (advantages/disadvantages of version relative to others known -- e.g., best for mass production)
  • Supplies/equipment needed
  • Difficulty level / time to produce
  • Point of contact for questions/troubleshooting