20160410 BOD Notes

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4/10/16 Board Meeting Notes


Jay, Josh, Tanju


  • Membership report review. Generally flat. We need more members. We need ideas for a membership drive. Need to keep brainstorming.
  • Kids Workshop set is in progress. Tiffany planning to run activities and classes targeting home schooling crowd
  • Does anyone have an old computer/laptop to donate to the space to have as a couple of workstations for general use, run the Silhoutte Cutter, etc.
  • Jay planning to follow up with Andretti’s for sponsorship of Power Racing project and or the space itself
  • Jay also wanting to reach out to other companies to solicit donations. We should put together a sponsorship package.
  • We need to find some guerrilla marketing opportunities out there with out having to plunk down cash and having to commit a lot of hours to running a booth.
  • Being in the ATL Science parade seemed like a great fit. Need to look for parade opportunities.
  • Girls Scout Mini-MakerFaire May-7
  • Sandy Springs Latern Fest
  • Sugar Hill Maker Fest May 14
  • HAM Radio Fest
  • Dogwood Fest?
  • Dragon Con
  • Maker Faire
  • Front Door RFID latch is coming along. Mechnically close to complete. Need to revitalize the electronics, get the panel installed and start registering cards.
  • We will need a single person to own managing the database and keeping with activitating and deactivating keys… most likely will be the Membership Director
  • Laser Cutter – Commissioning is on-going, Josh bought the replacement power-supply and now needs to get reimbursed. Elizabeth got the laser fired, but it needs more work that she will be continuing within a week.

The cutter needs endstops micro-switches.